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Polish PM warns of possible Russian aggression against Europe

Polish PM warns of possible Russian aggression against Europe Photo: Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk (Getty Images)

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk believes that Russia may attack Europe in the next few years, according to Rzeczpospolita.

"No one can doubt that from a strategic point of view, Europe is the target of Russian aggression, and this will happen when Russia's military advantage becomes evident," he noted.

Tusk revealed that he, along with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Radosław Sikorski, has prepared an appeal to NATO. This is in response to an incident on December 29th when one of Russia's missiles flew into Polish territory during the attack on Ukraine.

"We will want to mobilize and use all available diplomatic means and persuasion to make the entire EU understand that without radically strengthened military efforts, we will lag far behind. This means one thing: Europe will be subjected to a direct Russian attack in the next few years," Tusk stated.

Poland-Ukraine border blockade

To recall, since November 2023, Polish carriers have been blocking border crossing points with Ukraine, significantly complicating the movement of trucks.

Strikers demand that the European Union cancel the "transport visa-free" policy with Ukraine and reinstate the permit system. However, meeting such conditions is impossible.

In Poland, it was expected that the border blockade would be lifted by the end of 2023, but this did not happen. Additionally, tomorrow, January 4th, farmers will resume protests at the Medyka - Shehyni crossing point.