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Polish government fails to secure vote of confidence in Sejm

Polish government fails to secure vote of confidence in Sejm Morawiecki's government fails to secure vote of confidence in Sejm (Photo: Getty Images)

Today's vote on December 11 in the Polish Sejm resulted in the decision that the government formed by Mateusz Morawiecki will not receive a vote of confidence, writes

Before the confidence vote, Morawiecki presented a report in the Sejm.

In the parliamentary vote, 456 deputies participated. As a result, 266 parliamentarians voted against granting confidence to Morawiecki's Cabinet, 190 were in favor, and no one abstained.

Thus, the implementation of the second step begins, according to which the lower house will nominate a candidate for the position of prime minister.

It's worth noting that this scenario, where Morawiecki's government does not receive a vote of confidence and resigns, was considered the most likely. The Polish Sejm will likely task the leader of the parliamentary majority, Donald Tusk, with forming a new government.

Elections in Poland

Parliamentary elections in Poland took place on October 15, and as a result, 460 members of the Sejm were determined. The opposition gained the majority: the Civic Platform led by former President of the European Council Donald Tusk, the Third Way alliance, and the Left Party. In November, pro-European parties in Poland reached a coalition agreement.

It was previously reported that on December 1, Polish President Andrzej Duda promised not to delay the process of appointing the opposition government if Morawiecki's cabinet fails to receive a vote of confidence.

The leading candidate for the prime minister, Donald Tusk, presented the composition of his government on December 8. It was also reported that he expects the vote for the opposition government to take place on December 11, and on December 13, it will be sworn in.