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Polish farmers want to block border with Germany

Polish farmers want to block border with Germany Photo: Polish farmers may also block the border with Germany (Getty Images)

Polish farmers can embroider their protest. Agrarians announced that they wanted to block the border with Germany as well, reports RMF24.

Polish farmers will continue to block the S3 road, the protest is likely to continue until March 20. Also, after the weekend, Polish farmers want to resume their protest at the German border. They plan to completely block traffic at the border and strike around the clock.

It is noted that the traffic of trucks is going to be diverted. However, the plans of farmers can still change.

Entrepreneurs, in their turn, opposed the blocking of routes. The petition to the mayor of the border town of Slubice was sent by the owners of transport companies, gas stations, garages, car washes, warehouses, and traders.

International transport companies are also threatening farmers with lawsuits for damages.

Border blockade

In February, the protests on the Polish-Ukrainian border resumed. Crossing points are blocked by farmers, and recently, they announced a "total blockade" of the border and also began to dump Ukrainian grain.

Earlier, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a conference on the situation at the border and then invited Polish President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Donald Tusk to meet at the border.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that the meeting of the governments of both countries will be held on March 28 in Warsaw.

Tusk also said yesterday that Poland will add border crossings with Ukraine, as well as sections of highways and railways, to the list of critical infrastructure objects. This will make it possible to remove obstacles at the border for the supply of weapons and humanitarian assistance.