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Polish farmers block trucks from Ukraine at two checkpoints

Polish farmers block trucks from Ukraine at two checkpoints Photo: spokesperson of the State Border Service of Ukraine Andrii Demchenko (mediacenter org ua)

Polish farmers are not allowing trucks from Ukraine to pass through at two checkpoints. This concerns the checkpoints Yahodyn and Rava-Ruska, according to Andrii Demchenko, spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The spokesperson emphasized that at the border with Poland, the Uhryniv, Yahodyn, and Rava-Ruska directions are being blocked. At the latter two, Polish farmers are not allowing any freight trucks from Ukraine into Poland at all. There have been zero border crossings from Ukraine recorded recently. Approximately 500 trucks are currently queued up at these checkpoints.

Demchenko noted that even at unblocked checkpoints on the Polish border, queues are present, but the movement of trucks is not blocked. Queues are also observed at checkpoints on the borders with other countries.

"We have queues on three routes - with Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. For example, at the Uzhhorod checkpoint, the border with Slovakia, there are about 300 trucks waiting in line as of this morning," he said.

According to him, about 800 trucks are queuing up at the Tysa checkpoint on the border in Hungary. Across from the Porubne checkpoint, about 400 trucks are awaiting entry from Romania into Ukraine.

"Here, we see an increase in queues precisely with the start of the blockade by Polish farmers at the border with Ukraine, as it is quite difficult to cross the border with Poland," he said.

Border blockade

It is worth recalling that protests at the Polish-Ukrainian border resumed in February. Farmers are blocking checkpoints, and recently, they started dumping Ukrainian grain. Agrarians have stated that they will continue the protests at the border until the end of April.

However, several checkpoints on the Ukrainian border were recently unblocked. In particular, on March 21, the blockade of the Zosin-Ustyluh checkpoint ended. Trucks entering and leaving Ukraine have resumed movement.