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Poles block truck traffic at checkpoints on border with Ukraine

Poles block truck traffic at checkpoints on border with Ukraine Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Polish protesters have once again blocked truck traffic at the Rava-Ruska - Hrebenne checkpoint on the border with Ukraine, according to the State Border Guard Service.

According to border guards, Polish protesters are not allowing trucks to leave Ukraine. Trucks are allowed to enter Ukraine according to the previously announced schedule: 12 vehicles within 12 hours, and 4 trucks carrying humanitarian aid per hour.

Other categories of vehicles in both directions are being allowed to cross as usual.

Border guards say that representatives of Polish farmers are demanding a reduction in the import of grain crops into Poland from Ukraine.

Situation on Poland-Ukraine border

The protests began on February 9, 2024, and lasted until March 10, when an agreement was reached between the farmers and the Polish government. The blockade of the border led to significant losses for the Ukrainian economy, as agricultural exports are one of the country's key sources of income.

In addition, these events caused diplomatic tensions between Poland and Ukraine.

Due to the Polish protests, thousands of trucks were stuck in queues at the border, causing serious delays and damage to goods.

Also, several truckers were killed as a result of the protests. The situation escalated to the point where Polish protesters began to overturn railroad cars carrying Ukrainian grain.