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Poland's parliamentary election results: Final tally

Poland's parliamentary election results: Final tally Poland's parliamentary election results (Getty Images)

Poland completed the counting of all votes for the parliamentary elections. The ruling party Law and Justice has taken first place, according to the election results.

The ruling party Law and Justice received 35.38% of the votes. The oppositional Civic Coalition came in second with 30.70%, followed by the Third Way with 14.40%, Left with 8.61%, and the far-right and anti-Ukrainian Confederation with 7.16%.

Thus, the Civic Coalition, Third Way, and Left have a chance to form a government.

As reported by RMF24, Law and Justice will lose more than a dozen seats in the Senate, where it did not have a majority in the previous term. The party will receive 34 seats, whereas in the previous term, it had 48 representatives.

Therefore, the opposition, represented by 66 senators, has gained a decisive advantage in the upper chamber.

The Civic Coalition is likely to obtain 44 seats and become the largest faction in the upper chamber.

Left may secure 9 seats, and the Third Way 8 seats. Five senators gained support from voters within the Senate Pact framework between the Civic Coalition, Left, and the Third Way.

Parliamentary elections in Poland

Parliamentary elections in Poland were held on Sunday, October 15. The results will determine the 460 seats at the Sejm (lower chamber) and 100 senators (upper chamber).

Previously, the leader of the Polish opposition and the head of the Civic Coalition bloc, Donald Tusk, announced victory in the elections and readiness to form a new government.

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