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Poland forms new military unit along its border with Belarus

Poland forms new military unit along its border with Belarus Poland's Minister of Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak (photo: Getty Images)

Poland will form a new military unit along its border with Belarus. It will be stationed in the city of Czarna-Białostocka, located 35 kilometers away from Belarus, according to the press service of the Polish Ministry of Defense.

The new military unit will host detachments from the reconnaissance regiment and defense forces.

According to official sources, the establishment of this military unit is in response to hybrid attacks from Russia and Belarus.

"We can all see what is happening on our eastern border today. Putin is attempting to restore the empire. Whether Russia was white, red, or has become Putin's, it remains consistent in its methods and aggressive actions. Therefore, in response to these threats, we are strengthening the Polish army," stated Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of Defense of Poland.

Currently, the Polish army comprises 175,000 personnel, a significant increase from 95,000 in 2015.

"Wagner" in Belarus

In June, the "Wagner" attempted an unsuccessful coup in Russia. Afterward, they were allowed to "relocate" to Belarus.

The Polish authorities expressed concern over this development and called on NATO to bolster its eastern flank. They also warned of closing the borders with Belarus in case of provocations by Wagner Group mercenaries.

Meanwhile, Belarus and Russia reportedly deployed around a hundred Wagner mercenaries to the Suwałki Gap. In Warsaw, there is apprehension that these mercenaries could be used for provocations.