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Poland bolsters Belarus border with military gendarmerie

Poland bolsters Belarus border with military gendarmerie Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

On June 24, soldiers of the Polish gendarmerie began serving on the Polish-Belarusian border, according to the Polish Armed Forces.

Gendarmes' tasks at the border

Soldiers of the military gendarmerie will perform patrolling tasks, control crowd behavior, and train the forces of the Podlaskie special group in security and public order.

"The gendarmes have at their disposal the equipment and combat resources necessary to perform their tasks. They are also provided with logistical and medical support," the military says.


Poland is facing a difficult situation near the border with Belarus after the influx of illegal migrants. There has recently been an attack on the Polish military. One of the soldiers died as a result of a stabbing. After that, Poland held a meeting of the National Security Council.

According to Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, Warsaw is considering closing all border crossing points.