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Plane burns down in Russia: Not day without accident

Plane burns down in Russia: Not day without accident An airplane burst into flames in midair in Russia (Illustrative photo:GettyImages)

An airplane caught fire in midair in Russia. This is the second incident in two days, according to MASH and Astra.

An airplane on the Novosibirsk-Moscow flight caught fire on the engines.

"The plane took off on time. However, as it was climbing, sparks and flames suddenly flew from both engines. The crew requested a landing from the dispatcher, after which they were able to successfully land the aircraft," SHOT channel reported.

The plane landed immediately. There were 176 people on board, and there were no injuries.

"During the landing, the captain said that the brakes were flashing. All the passengers have already left, and everything is fine. The flight was scheduled for 14:20," one of the passengers told ASTRA.

The fire could have been caused by the engine operating in an unstable mode.

Aircraft accidents in Russia

On December 7, an airplane's engine caught fire in midair in Russia. It happened a few minutes after takeoff.

By the way, Russian planes cannot be painted because of the sanctions. They have to wait 3-4 months for special paint.