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Personal boundaries and 5 steps to build them: Psychological test

Personal boundaries and 5 steps to build them: Psychological test Personal boundaries test from a psychologist (Photo: Freepik)

The ability to set one's personal boundaries is a fundamental skill for every person, but unfortunately, not everyone possesses it. Society and, of course, our self-esteem, which is often below average, influence this. A psychologist Yulia Bila tells about this in her Instagram post.

In particular, she says how to determine the development of your boundaries and how to build them.

How to determine your boundaries

To start establishing your boundaries, it is necessary to undergo a short but very useful test. It will help you understand how strong your personal boundaries are regarding yourself and other people.

The test prepared by Julia is very easy. You just need to answer YES or NO. Then, count the number of your YES responses and, according to the psychologist's rating scale, determine at which level your boundaries are. The main condition is to answer honestly.

Personal boundaries test from a psychologist

  • Are you afraid to say no when you don't want to disappoint people?
  • Do you withhold your opinion when you want something?
  • Do you feel guilty when setting boundaries or doing something for yourself?
  • Do you make promises that you later regret?
  • Do you act out of a sense of obligation rather than genuine desire?
  • Do you not fully understand who you truly are, your values, and your goals?
  • Do you tune into others' feelings but struggle to express your own?
  • Do you take the blame for things you didn't do or couldn't control?
  • Do you feel obligated to answer personal questions?
  • Do you lend money or possessions to people who don't return them?

Test results

Now, write down all your YES answers and look at the result:

1-3 YES - you have established personal boundaries.

3-5 YES - you have ideas in your mind, but you often forget them in real life.

5-7 YES - you don't understand yourself fully.

8-10 YES - you lack personal boundaries.

Personal boundaries and 5 steps to build them: Psychological testHow to establish personal boundaries (Photo: Freepik)

5 steps to establish personal boundaries:

Step One - Start displaying your own boundaries

Step Two - Begin saying "NO"

Step Three - Repeat and uphold your own boundaries

Step Four - Start believing in your significance

Step Five - Be confident in your personal boundaries

Such small steps, according to the psychologist, will help you begin to love yourself and understand your worth. Of course, no one promises that this journey will be easy, but you will learn to choose yourself, either independently or with the help of professionals.