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Perfume and lotion will last all day: Simple tip

Perfume and lotion will last all day: Simple tip Illustrative photo (
Author: Maria Kholina

We all love to smell nice, and it’s frustrating when perfume fragrances fade throughout the day. Fortunately, a simple trick has been found to make your perfumes last longer, according to Charla's Cleaning Hacks on TikTok.

A hack recently emerged online explaining what we can do to ensure our favorite scents last all day.

According to the video, you should take a small container of Vaseline, melt it down into a liquid, then add your favorite perfume to it. Afterward, place the container in the fridge.

Once the mixture solidifies, apply it to your neck or wrist with a finger. You can also carry the Vaseline container in your bag.

By the way, this hack will help you save on perfume, which can be quite expensive.

Think about how much you spend to constantly smell pleasant. The scent will last much longer if you apply a bit of Vaseline to your neck before spraying perfume!