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People with such character may never get promoted at work

People with such character may never get promoted at work What character trait can harm work (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Sometimes people complain that they have been working for a long time and have not been promoted. This can happen because of a certain character trait, according to the Huffpost website.

What trait harms work

Experts say that people who are “pleasure to work with” will never get promoted. That's because managers will never allow an employee who is both good at their job and keeps a smile on their face while performing tasks to move up the career ladder.

It's because they know that they may not appreciate you, and you will still smile.

Career strategist says that before saying yes to tasks, events, and even conversations at work, take a pause and take a few minutes to respond. If the task will not help you become more noticeable, politely say no.

You should look for opportunities not only to do your job but also to add value by suggesting new ways to save or make money for your company.

The trait you need to get promoted

Perseverance is a key personality trait associated with getting a promotion. It shows how confident a person is.

This doesn't mean being aggressive or intimidating, but rather showing how much you believe in your abilities and ideas and insisting on them.

Nice people can be effective leaders if they are able to demonstrate respect and care for their people.

What happens to employees who can't finish what they start?

Employers often say goodbye to employees who can't complete a project and leave it halfway. Such employees lack planning skills and are constantly hindered by circumstances beyond their control.

The negative aspect is that the boss can often find out about a missed deadline and the inability to complete a task on the day it occurs or a few days later if he or she asks. If this happens several times, drastic actions are usually taken.