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Panic in Dzhankoi, occupiers transport manpower via new route: Partisans' details

Panic in Dzhankoi, occupiers transport manpower via new route: Partisans' details Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Russia has intensified security measures in Dzhankoi, Crimea, which has become a hub for the concentration of enemy forces and equipment. In particular, new occupiers are being transported via an unconventional route, according to the partisan movement Atesh.

"Our agents were able to find out info about the new transportation route of the Russian Armed Forces to Dzhankoi," the report says.

According to the partisans, the military arrive at the station by motor transport and trains.

"But after recent strikes and significant losses in personnel, the occupiers' command has ordered not to use the airfield and the military town near it to detain soldiers. They are being taken to Kalynivka," Atesh reported.

Also, according to the partisans, a large number of military police and FSB (Russian Federal Security Service - ed.) personnel are searching for saboteurs.

"They raised a great panic, but all in vain," they added.

Situation in Dzhankoi

On the night of Friday, November 24, loud sounds of explosions were heard in Dzhankoi. It was reported online that there were at least 7 powerful explosions in the Dzhankoi area. Later, partisans claimed that military units of Russian invaders, as well as air defense systems, radar systems, and the personnel of the interventionists, were affected in Dzhankoi.

It was previously reported that Russian occupiers were facing significant problems with mobilized Russians arriving in Crimea. Several cases of their disappearance were recorded specifically in Dzhankoi. For this reason, at the end of October, military police units were brought to the city to ensure the safety of the occupiers' personnel.