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Pakistan launches airstrikes on Iranian territory

Pakistan launches airstrikes on Iranian territory Pakistan launches air strikes in response to Iranian attack (GettyImages)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

On January 18, the Pakistani armed forces struck at "anti-Pakistani militant groups" based in Iran, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

"This morning Pakistan undertook a series of highly coordinated and specifically targeted precision military strikes against terrorist hideouts in Siestan-o-Baluchistan province of Iran. A number of terrorists were killed during the Intelligence-based operation – codenamed Marg Bar Sarmachar," the statement says.

According to the ministry, these attacks are a manifestation of Pakistan's "unflinching resolve to protect and defend its national security against all threats."

In addition, the Foreign Ministry says that Pakistan respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iran.

"The sole objective of today’s act was in pursuit of Pakistan’s own security and national interest which is paramount and cannot be compromised," the statement says.

What preceded it

Pakistan accused Iran of violating its airspace. They claim that two children were killed in the attack.

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry said the incident could have "serious consequences" and was "unacceptable."

"The responsibility for the consequences will lie squarely with Iran," the statement says.

Pakistan did not specify where or how the airspace was violated. However, Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan) protested with Tehran, and the head of the Iranian diplomatic mission in Pakistan was summoned to the Foreign Ministry.

Iran has not yet officially commented on the situation.

Yesterday, the Tasnim agency, affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), reported the alleged destruction of two strongholds of the Jaish al-Adl group in Pakistan. It is noted that the bases were attacked with missiles and drones.

Jaysh al-Adl has previously organized attacks on Iranian security forces near the border with Pakistan.

Later it became known that Pakistan had decided to recall its ambassador from Iran after the missile attacks on its territory and reserved the right to respond.