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Over thousand trucks in queues: Updates on border situation with Poland

Over thousand trucks in queues: Updates on border situation with Poland Photo: Andrii Demchenko, spokesperson of the State Border Service of Ukraine (

Currently, there are no significant changes regarding the situation with the blockade of the Polish-Ukrainian border. More than a thousand trucks are in queues to enter Ukraine, according to the spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS) Andrii Demchenko.

"We haven't noticed any significant changes, but unfortunately, Polish farmers continue to block the movement for cargo transport vehicles. They are carrying out these actions, as in recent days, on 5 directions," Demchenko said.

Currently, the blocked directions are:

  • Yahodyn
  • Ustyluh
  • Uhryniv
  • Rava-Ruska
  • Shehyni

"In total, on all directions, in Polish territory, there are slightly more than 1000 cargo transport vehicles in queues. Most of them are opposite the checkpoints Rava-Ruska and Yahodyn," the spokesperson added.

Demchenko noted that the situation with leaving Ukraine towards Poland is somewhat worse because Polish farmers do not allow trucks to pass at all on the following checkpoint routes:

  • Yahodyn
  • Rava-Ruska
  • Shehyni

Zero crossing figures are recorded on the aforementioned routes.

"On the other two routes, namely Ustyluh and Uhryniv, cargo transport vehicles are allowed to pass, but their number is quite small. This is practically 1–2 trucks per hour," Demchenko explained.

Border situation with Poland

Polish farmers continue to block the movement of cargo transport vehicles. Significant complications for crossing the border are observed - both towards Ukraine and towards Poland.

Polish farmers continue to block six border checkpoints:

  • Yahodyn;
  • Ustyluh;
  • Uhryniv;
  • Rava-Ruska;
  • Shehyni;
  • Krakivets.

On March 5, Polish farmers announced that they would continue protests at the border with Ukraine until April 30, and on March 10, temporarily unblocked the Krakivets checkpoint.