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Orban wants Ukraine to serve as 'buffer' between Russia and West

Orban wants Ukraine to serve as 'buffer' between Russia and West Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (photo: Getty Images)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made another scandalous statement about Ukraine. This time, he wished that Ukraine had become a "buffer zone" between Russia and the West.

According to Orban, Ukraine needs to receive security guarantees and serve as a "buffer" between Russia and NATO countries. The Hungarian prime minister believes that otherwise, Ukraine will lose its territory, as Russia will attack "again and again."

"It will never allow a state that is a member of NATO and the EU to its doorstep," Orban said.

The Hungarian prime minister also disagreed with the idea that Ukrainians are defending Europe, saying that Ukraine allegedly does not add any additional security to the West, as Western countries are already in NATO. Orban added that he saw no chance that Russia would decide to attack any NATO member.

Hungary's position on the war

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban takes an openly anti-Ukrainian position. He often makes statements to discredit Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Hungary has not provided Ukraine with military assistance and is blocking the European Union's sanctions against Russia. In addition, Budapest continues to trade with Russia and representatives of the Hungarian government visit Moscow.

Hungary also regularly creates obstacles to Ukraine's accession to the EU and NATO and has prevented the allocation of 50 billion euros to Ukraine.