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Ombudsman: Russians executed Ukrainian prisoners again

Ombudsman: Russians executed Ukrainian prisoners again Russians executed Ukrainian prisoners (photo: Getty Images)

The Russian occupiers once again shot Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered, says the Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets.

"Another war crime allegedly took place on February 24, 2024 in the Bakhmut district. The video we managed to obtain shows Ukrainian soldiers surrendering: their hands were raised in the air, showing that they were unarmed and did not pose a threat. The Russians were supposed to take them prisoner, but instead they mercilessly shot them," the ombudsman said.

Lubinets said that the exact number of Ukrainians executed by the Russians is not known, probably there were at least seven.

"These are the servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Such an execution is a war crime! We also now know from which military unit of the Russian army the soldiers who mercilessly executed the Ukrainians were from," he emphasized.

Lubinets noted that this case should be recorded as another violation of international humanitarian law by Russia.

Execution of prisoners in Avdiivka

After the Ukrainian Armed Forces withdrew from Avdiivka, it became known that the Russian military shot several captured Ukrainian soldiers at the Zenit position. After that, the Russians posted a video with the bodies of the executed soldiers online.

When this became known, Ombudsman Lubinets appealed to the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN to investigate the shooting of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Avdiivka.

"I call on the entire civilized world to unite and increase pressure on the terrorist country, because for Russia there are no laws and agreements. They accept only force," he said.