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Nuts and their calorie content: Trainer's explanation

Nuts and their calorie content: Trainer's explanation Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Nuts are a tasty and nutritious treat, but oh-so-calorific. In 100 grams of nuts, there are approximately 650 calories, far exceeding even pure sugar, according to coach Viktor Mandziak.

Are nuts truly that calorie-dense?

Despite their calorific nature, experts reveal that studies have shown people who incorporate nuts into their diets are less likely to struggle with weight issues compared to those who overlook this flavorful snack.

According to Viktor, researchers experimented, providing individuals with 80 grams of nuts daily. Surprisingly, those who consumed nuts didn't overindulge in other calorie-rich foods.

"But the compensation wasn't complete: while receiving 505 calories from nuts, participants consumed 333 fewer calories from their usual meals. Hence, 172 calories remained surplus every day, for all 8 weeks," Mandziak explained.

Scientists calculated that consuming an excess of 172 calories per day for 8 weeks could result in gaining an extra 3.6 kilograms.

So why do people slim down while munching on nuts? It's because nuts consist of 65% fat. The caloric value of a gram of fat is 9.4 calories. It's believed that we excrete around 4% of ingested fat through feces, thus the caloric value of a gram of fat is conventionally considered 9 calories.

"Scientists concluded: we excrete 10-20% of the fat from nuts in the toilet. I understand that nutrition science isn't precise, but 4 and 10-20 - those numbers aren't remotely close, not even approximately or around. Scientists shrug: nut cell walls resist the enzymes and gut microbes of our hairless primate digestive tracts. But they hint that persistent chewing might enhance absorption," Viktor said.

If you've consumed 100 grams of nuts, your body might miss out on a good hundred calories.

"Nuts are great, delicious, and beneficial, just remember their high caloric content, even considering the low bioavailability of nut compounds," the coach concluded.

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