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Nothing to fight with? Russian old equipment spotted in Crimea

Nothing to fight with? Russian old equipment spotted in Crimea Old equipment deconserved by Russia was spotted in Crimea (Photo: Getty Images)

In Crimea, decommissioned old military equipment has been noticed, according to the Telegram channel of the partisan movement Atesh.

"The occupiers will soon have nothing to fight with," claim the partisans.

Agents recorded a column of old military equipment in the village of Orikhivka, Crimea, moving towards Dzhankoy.

"It includes UAZs, Urals, old-model BMDs, and BTRs," noted Atesh.

According to the partisans, the occupiers continue to pull out all the junk with which they try to compensate for the huge losses on the front.

The situation in Crimea

Russia is deploying rare types of multiple-launch rocket systems to the front line. Partisans in the occupied Yevpatoriya reported the unloading of Grad-1. Additionally, as previously reported, Russian forces, possibly fearing a counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces, are redeploying significant resources to Dzhankoy.

Concrete "dragon's teeth" have started appearing on the peninsula. Moreover, fearing a breakthrough by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, occupiers are frantically digging trenches closer to Crimea. Interestingly, recently, Russian occupiers set up firing positions directly on the beaches of Yevpatoria.