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Not only during pandemics. Doctors told when and who should wear masks

Not only during pandemics. Doctors told when and who should wear masks Doctors told when and who should wear masks (photo: Freepik)

Medical masks, distance keeping, and "local quarantine" in certain cities or regions are basic anti-epidemic and preventive measures that, despite the lifting of the nationwide COVID-19 quarantine, are in effect in Ukraine on a permanent basis.

Measures such as wearing medical masks and keeping a distance may be applied in regions, certain districts or cities where the epidemic threshold has been exceeded.

In addition, such restrictions may be imposed even in individual institutions, educational institutions, or individual classes, schools, or businesses.

The incidence rate for declaring the epidemic threshold exceeded is different for each region. It is calculated depending on the population and the intensity of the spread of respiratory viral infections during the epidemic season, which begins in October and ends in spring.

It is recommended to wear a protective mask if:

  • you feel symptoms of a cold, cough or sneeze and cannot stay at home;
  • you have symptoms of a cold or suspected airborne infection, a mask will limit the potential spread of respiratory secretions;
  • you are caring for a patient with SARS, COVID-19 or influenza;
  • healthy people in crowded places for additional protection;
  • doctors and healthcare workers when examining patients with respiratory symptoms and during procedures and manipulations that require sterility to protect the patient from possible infections.

"At the first sign of illness, you should consult your family doctor, do not resort to self-medication, and take care of the safety of your family and colleagues (stay at home, use individual utensils) during illness," the doctors reminded.

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