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Norway to hand over 50 NM199 tracked trucks to Ukraine

Norway to hand over 50 NM199 tracked trucks to Ukraine Norway to provide Ukraine with NM199 tracked trucks (Photo:

As part of military aid, Norway will provide Ukraine with approximately 50 tracked cargo vehicles NM199, according to the Norwegian government's website.

The NM199 is a tracked vehicle capable of moving in terrain inaccessible to wheeled vehicles.

"These are important to get supplies to areas where there are no roads," said Norwegian Minister of Defense Bjørn Arild Gram.

Therefore, the Norwegian government emphasizes that these transporters are a valuable addition to wheeled vehicles. They can transport ammunition, food, and water to Ukrainian troops operating in field conditions.

The NM199 vehicles were kept in storage in the Norwegian army, but they underwent maintenance before their transfer to Ukraine.

Norwegian aid to Ukraine

Previously, Norway had decided to transfer F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. The country has a total of 57 such aircraft in its arsenal.

Norway will also send IRIS-T SAM missiles and demining equipment to Ukraine.

In addition, Ukraine will receive anti-drone systems from Norway, consisting of several CORTEX Typhon systems.