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No tourist crowds: Top 10 least visited countries in the world

No tourist crowds: Top 10 least visited countries in the world Beach in the Marshall Islands (
Author: Maria Kholina

With the return of travel after the pandemic, many countries are grappling with overtourism. However, there are destinations that remain largely unvisited by foreign guests.

Below are the top 10 least visited countries in the world in 2023, according to

What determines a country's popularity among tourists

Some of the most popular countries for travel are France, Spain, and the USA. The world's most visited city is Bangkok in Thailand, attracting around 22 million people annually. Paris in France ranks second in terms of international visitors, welcoming over 17.4 million foreign guests each year.

Other destinations are less popular. One reason is the distance, which makes travel more expensive. Some destinations may have an underdeveloped tourism industry, while others may be too small to accommodate a large number of tourists. Additionally, some destinations may be deemed dangerous or difficult to access, such as North Korea and Somalia.

However, the number of tourists visiting a country does not necessarily indicate a less enjoyable travel experience. Countries that see fewer foreign visitors are often beautiful, less crowded, and more budget-friendly.

Без натовпу туристів. Топ-10 найменш відвідуваних країн на планеті


Countries that attract the lowest number of tourists

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has identified the 10 destinations least likely to suffer from overtourism, representing countries with the lowest annual visitor numbers.

A common characteristic among these destinations is their relative inaccessibility, which prevents a large influx of travelers, as they must invest time, effort, and money to reach their final destinations. This is particularly evident in the least-visited country in the world: the Polynesian archipelago of Tuvalu. According to Skyscanner, a round trip from Paris to Tuvalu costs around 3,500 euros due to the absence of direct flights. The same holds true for the Marshall Islands, where a journey from Europe can take up to 42 hours, including layovers. In fact, this applies to many destinations in the Pacific Ocean mentined below:

1. Tuvalu (3,700 foreign visitors in 2019)
2. Marshall Islands (6,100 foreign tourists)
3. Niue (10,200)
4. Kiribati (12,000)
5. Micronesia (18,000)
6. Montserrat (19,300)
7. Solomon Islands (29,000)
8. Sao Tome and Principe (34,900)
9. Comoros (45,000)
10. Guinea-Bissau (52,000)

Без натовпу туристів. Топ-10 найменш відвідуваних країн на планеті

Photo: View of Tuvalu from an airplane (

What makes the least visited countries interesting

Tourism in Tuvalu is all about crystal-clear azure waters and palm-fringed beaches. Diving in the protected areas with numerous reefs, lagoons, and marine wildlife is especially popular. Yachting, visits to local bakeries, the national library, and sites from World War II are also common activities. Fiji Airways operates flights to the sole international airport in Tuvalu.

Tuvalu is one of 22 island nations in the Pacific Ocean that are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Children in Tuvalu are taught in school that they might be the last generation to grow up on the island before it could be submerged due to rising sea levels.

The Marshall Islands, located in the Pacific Ocean between the Philippines and Hawaii, entice visitors with pristine white sandy beaches and over 160 coral species.

The Marshall Islands hold a significant place in the history of World War II, initially serving as a Japanese base and later becoming a site for American nuclear testing. These islands are also under the threat of rising sea levels.

Без натовпу туристів. Топ-10 найменш відвідуваних країн на планеті

Photo: Hotel in Niue (

Niue is one of the world's smallest countries, a tiny coral island in the southern Pacific Ocean. It receives around 10,000 visitors annually. There are no crowds, long lines, traffic lights, or a hectic pace of life on the island. Tourists can enjoy swimming, diving, kayaking, quad biking, or simply taking walks through a variety of landscapes, from beaches to tropical forests, plantations, and vanilla farms. Flights to Niue are available only once a week.