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No dirty dishes: Easy way to fry eggs

No dirty dishes: Easy way to fry eggs Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Many opt for scrambled eggs for breakfast, as they never get boring. Below is a recipe of tasty fried eggs with feta that will leave no one indifferent, according to a British chef Rose Reisman.

Sometimes you're too lazy to cook breakfast, or you don't want having to wash dirty dishes in the morning. However, it's important not to skip breakfast.

According to the chef's recipe, you'll need eggs, two paper plates, a microwave, and a piece of bread.

In the video, Rose cracked two eggs onto one plate, then placed another on top and put them in the microwave at full power for about a minute and a half.

If you're cooking more eggs, you need to add an additional 30 seconds to the cooking time to allow the whites to set.

After that, you can transfer the eggs onto bread. Choosing whole grain bread will make it a healthy sandwich without a drop of oil.

This method is perfect for those trying to eat healthy.

In the comments under the video, users were excited and wrote that they had tried this and it worked.

@rosereisman So you want to fry eggs and either don’t want to get the kitchen dirty/ maybe you’re travelling and don’t have a pan? No problem! Give this hack/ recipe a try! #rosereisman #friedeggs #microwavehack #fyp original sound - Rose Reisman

The benefits of eggs

Chicken eggs are very nutritious and help satisfy hunger for a long time. Thanks to the high concentration of proteins and fats, eggs provide the body with essential nutrients. They also contain low percentage of carbohydrates.

The product contains vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin B5, B12, B2, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc. The egg white is high in calories and is fat-free, which is beneficial for the circulatory system. The yolk contains the necessary amount of choline - a substance that prevents fat accumulation in the liver.