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No breakfast - lower school grades: Scientists make statement

No breakfast - lower school grades: Scientists make statement Without breakfast, a child at school will have lower grades (photo:

Scientists have found that children who go to school without having breakfast in the morning receive significantly lower grades than those who manage to eat before classes. This is not only associated with regular grades but also with results on tests, quizzes, and exams.

What scientists have managed to determine regarding the relationship between breakfast and academic performance, according to Medical Express.

Researchers from the University of Leeds have established a connection between breakfast and academic performance among secondary school students in the United Kingdom.

It turns out that students who rarely or never have breakfast in the morning receive grades two-thirds lower than those who rarely skip the morning meal.

"Our study suggests that secondary school students are at a disadvantage if they are not getting a morning meal to fuel their brains for the start of the school day," said lead researcher Dr. Katie Adolphus from the School of Psychology at the University of Leeds.

The study involved over 300 students from schools and colleges in West Yorkshire. It was found that 29% rarely or never have breakfast, 18% have breakfast occasionally, and 53% eat breakfast regularly. Children who eat breakfast, on average, scored 2-3 points higher in academic performance than those who skip the morning meal or eat breakfast infrequently.

"This study is a valuable insight, reinforcing the importance of breakfast in boosting pupils' academic attainment and removing barriers to learning. Education is crucial to a child's future life success and escaping poverty, therefore ensuring every child has access to a healthy start to the day must be a priority," emphasize the experts.