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Nike and Tiger Woods end collaboration after 27 years

Nike and Tiger Woods end collaboration after 27 years Tiger Woods (Getty Images)

American professional golfer Tiger Woods and Nike are no longer working together after 27 years, according to CNN and BBC.

Tiger shared the news, saying he was lucky to start this partnership over two decades ago. He mentioned that there will be a new chapter for him.

Tiger's association with Nike began in 1996 when he turned pro, and it continued until his Masters win in 2019. Woods, who is now 48 years old, initially signed a $40 million contract with Nike when he turned pro at the age of 20. The iconic "Hello World" commercial marked the start of their collaboration. This partnership became one of the most lucrative in sports history as Woods achieved great success in golf, becoming the second-highest men's major champion.

Over the years, Woods continued to sign multiple deals with Nike, including a 10-year contract in 2013 worth around $200 million. Experts see the long-term collaboration between Woods and Nike as a "win-win for everybody," contributing significantly to the company's sales, especially in golf balls, as shown by research conducted in 2013.

Now, as Tiger parts ways with Nike, there's speculation about his next move. The CEO of ON Running denied rumors of Tiger joining their brand. Some suggest Nike might be shifting away from golf products, as it previously stopped selling golf balls and clubs. Others believe this separation doesn't necessarily mean the end of Tiger's career, given Nike's history with athletes like Michael Jordan.

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