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'Next year may be even more challenging,' Ukrainian top general Tarnavskyi

'Next year may be even more challenging,'  Ukrainian top general Tarnavskyi Photo: Oleksandr Tarnavskyi (

In 2024, the Armed Forces are expected to liberate the territory of Ukraine from the enemy. The Russian army is anticipated to put up significant resistance to this, states Brigadier General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, commander of the operational-strategic grouping of troops Tavria.

"I think that the next year may be, perhaps, even more challenging. Because we need to conclude military operations and liberate our territories. And the closer we get to accomplishing this task, the main goal - reaching our borders, will be even more difficult," the general declared.

He mentioned that the enemy is aware of this and will do everything to prevent us from achieving this task. "So, as they say, good luck to us. And them - they made their choice. That's why I say the year will be tough," he added.

Responding to a question about whether it is realistic to end the war next year, Tarnavskyi stated: "I never pose the question of 'ending the war.' The question is to win. Because ending the war can be interpreted in different ways. For us, the military, it's victory."

Tarnavskyi also commented on reports about the possibility of changing position. "I'll tell you that I've been changing my life since childhood. I graduated from school, went to a military educational institution, and constantly changed my status. Platoon leader, company leader, battalion commander. Today - commander of the grouping of troops. Whether they want to change it - I don't know. I am ready for any conditions," the general said.

Expectations regarding the duration of the war

The Cabinet of Ministers and the National Bank of Ukraine anticipate a significant reduction in security risks at the beginning of 2025. Earlier, this was expected to happen in mid-2024.

The budget project for the second reading is submitted with consideration of the assumed duration of the war (throughout 2024) change. In September, the Cabinet of Ministers expected a substantial decrease in security risks in the second half of 2024.

The basic scenario of the October macroeconomic forecast by the National Bank of Ukraine is built on a more conservative assumption than in previous forecasts: high security risks are expected to persist until the end of 2024, whereas, in July, the NBU predicted a significant decrease by the middle of the next year.