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Newly discovered virus found in iOS and Android devices

Newly discovered virus found in iOS and Android devices A virus has been discovered in iOS and Android that steals data from fingerprints and facial scans (photo: Unsplash)

Security researchers from Group-IB have discovered the GoldPickaxe virus in iOS and Android, capable of stealing fingerprints and facial scans of users. Experts noted that this form of fraud is unique and has not been encountered before, according to the PCMag website dedicated to computer technologies.

What is known about the new virus

At present, the GoldPickaxe Trojan is actively spreading in the Southeast Asia region, using the guise of apps imitating Thai government services. After that, users are prompted to undergo a selfie procedure with identity verification and facial scanning. Subsequently, the malicious software transmits this information to criminals.

The obtained data is used by criminals to create deepfakes using artificial intelligence. This method allows them to gain access to victims' bank accounts.

It is noted that GoldPickaxe is not available in official app stores. Instead, scammers deceive people into installing malicious software through third-party services. They pose as government officials, so many victims comply with all their requests.

It is reported that the Android version provides criminals with more capabilities than the iOS version. Currently, the authors of the virus are unknown, but Group-IB has detected strings in Chinese.

How to protect your smartphone from viruses

Only install apps from Google Play or the App Store and approach their selection seriously

It is very difficult for an unprepared person to distinguish a virus from a normal application. To protect users, Google has created a special catalog of apps - Google Play. Apple has its own online marketplace for apps - the App Store.

Do not click on unknown links in SMS, MMS, or email

Scammers have even learned to fake numbers and email addresses, so messages with viral links can come even from your acquaintances.

Do not root your device and do not install unofficial firmware

If the device is rooted, the virus can be integrated into system apps, and then it can only be removed by completely reflashing the device.

Do not connect the Autopayment banking service

If a virus that sends SMS to paid numbers gets onto the device, the balance of the SIM card will be replenished until the money on the card runs out. Messages from the bank are usually blocked in this case.

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