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New Zealand announces new aid package for Ukraine

New Zealand announces new aid package for Ukraine Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand Winston Peters (
Author: Maria Kholina

New Zealand has announced a new aid package for Ukraine valued at $25.9 million, according to the New Zealand government.

"The war has had a horrific human cost, caused immense suffering and has significantly impacted regional and global stability. That is why New Zealand remains committed to standing with Ukraine. This support, worth $25.9 million, will bring the total value of New Zealand’s assistance pledged in the past two years to more than $100 million," said New Zealand's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters.

Meanwhile, New Zealand's Defense Minister, Judith Collins, noted that over the past two years, military personnel from the country have been stationed in Europe and the United Kingdom, working with like-minded partner countries to support Ukraine, and this support will continue.

"The Government is pleased to announce NZDF’s meaningful, visible and highly credible deployment of skilled personnel in support of Ukraine will extend until June 2025. Up to 97 NZDF personnel will continue to train Ukrainian soldiers, and provide intelligence, liaison and logistics support," she added.

In addition to the extension of the NZDF deployment, today’s package also includes:

  • $6.5 million to the United Kingdom-administered International Fund for Ukraine to procure weapons and ammunition for Ukraine
  • $7 million in humanitarian assistance to support Ukrainians affected by the war, including those who have been displaced to neighboring countries. New Zealand will partner with international humanitarian agencies and New Zealand humanitarian NGOs to deliver this support
  • $3 million to the World Bank’s Ukraine Relief, Recovery, Reconstruction and Reform Trust Fund

New Zealand's assistance and its stance on Russia

In 2022, New Zealand decided to participate in training Ukrainian military personnel in Britain.

In February of last year, the New Zealand government expanded visas offered to Ukrainians fleeing Russian aggression and extended their validity.