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New Year decorations harm your sleep: Which garlands not to buy

New Year decorations harm your sleep: Which garlands not to buy What color garlands harm your sleep (photo:

Garlands - popular decorations without which it is hard to imagine celebrating Christmas and New Year. However, doctor and psychologist Catherine Hall warns that some lights can "kill" a person's health, as they can disrupt sleep.

RBC-Ukraine, citing Daily Express, explains which colors of garlands should be avoided.

Why garlands can be harmful to health and sleep

According to an expert, the lights that everyone likes so much can actually be very harmful. It turns out they can worsen sleep.

"Being exposed to intense, bright, or flickering light before bedtime is a sleep hygiene mistake. Dazzling lights, which we all love during the holiday season, send the wrong signal to your brain, disrupting melatonin production and interfering with your sleep cycle," explained Hall.

Смертельная опасность. Как новогодняя елка может навредить вашему ребенку

Why garlands are dangerous (photo:

Which colors to avoid

The light from blue-colored garlands, according to an expert, is particularly harmful in the evening as it suppresses the production of melatonin and disrupts the circadian rhythm.

"Blue light is often found in artificial lighting, especially in phones and LED lamps, due to its stimulating effect, which triggers unnecessary attention. It has a negative impact on your sleep cycle," explained Hall.

It's also advisable to avoid multicolored lights, even though they may be visually appealing. They emit a spectrum of colors that can disrupt melatonin regulation and interfere with peaceful sleep.

It's not recommended to activate the flashing mode. When lights start to "run" and "flash," they induce an improper brain response. Such garlands create excessive visual stimulation that can later hinder your ability to fall asleep.

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Which color of garlands is beneficial or does not harm sleep (photo:

How to protect yourself from the harmful effects of garlands

Certainly, not many people want to give up on garlands as they are very beautiful and create a festive atmosphere. Therefore, Hall suggests choosing more neutral colors or implementing a schedule for the garlands.

"Allow melatonin production to follow its natural circadian rhythm by turning off blue, multicolored, or flickering lights two hours before bedtime. This will contribute to a smoother transition to sleep and improve its quality," explained the expert.

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