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New study reveals secrets for long and healthy life

New study reveals secrets for long and healthy life New study reveals secrets to long and healthy life (RBC-Ukraine collage)

Since people have been living and dying, scientists have always tried to find the so-called Fountain of Youth. Medical experts believe that the secret to longevity lies in the blood, according to GeroScience.

What the new research shows

New research shows that the blood of people who have lived for over 100 years has certain similarities, specifically, it has lower levels of three key compounds.

"Those who have reached their 100th birthday typically had lower levels of glucose, creatinine, and uric acid starting at the age of 60," said Dr. Karin Modig, a co-author of the study.

"Very few of the long-living individuals had glucose levels above 6.5 or creatinine levels above 125 in their early life," she added.

A high level of creatinine can indicate kidney problems and uric acid is linked with inflammation. A high level of glucose (or blood sugar) can lead to diabetes.

The research, published in the GeroScience journal, included data from 44,000 people in Sweden who were born between 1893 and 1920 and underwent health examinations between the ages of 64 and 99.

Then, scientists observed these individuals for 35 years. Of them, over 1,224 (2.7%) lived to 100 years old. Interestingly, the majority (85%) of the long-living people were women.

In addition to uric acid, glucose, and creatinine, researchers also studied levels of cholesterol and iron.

"People in the five groups with the lowest levels of cholesterol and iron had a lower chance of reaching 100 years compared to those with higher levels," noted the doctor.

The research did not provide specific recommendations for lifestyle, but it points to certain factors and blood biomarkers that could influence lifespan.

"It is reasonable to assume that factors such as diet and alcohol consumption play a role. Monitoring kidney and liver markers, as well as glucose and uric acid levels as one ages, is likely a good idea," summarized the co-author of the study.

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