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New study reveals health consequences of vape smoking

New study reveals health consequences of vape smoking The health risks of vaping (Collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Scientists from Concordia University have studied the impact of certain vaping additives on lung health. They obtained alarming results that all vaping enthusiasts should be aware of.

What study revealed

The study, published in the journal Langmuir by the Concordia team, shed light on how tocopherol and tocopheryl acetate, compounds added to electronic cigarettes, can harm the lungs.

When heated and inhaled, these substances integrate into pulmonary surfactant. This vital membrane ensures lung surface tension stability during breathing and facilitates necessary oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange.

Using molecular-level models, including single-molecule-thick films to simulate surfactant behavior, researchers found that adding vitamin E, structurally similar to surfactant lipids, disrupts its normal function.

Advanced methods such as microscopy and X-ray analysis showed that the presence of this additive jeopardizes the ability of surfactant to facilitate gas exchange and maintain surface tension, potentially complicating breathing.

Danger of such exposure

The danger of such an impact lies in its contribution to symptoms of vaping-associated lung injury, including shortness of breath and decreased oxygen levels.

This finding is particularly concerning given that a significant audience, daily vape users, falls within the 15 to 24 age range.

Concordia professor and study lead researcher Christine DeWolf noted that while many vaping solution components are approved for other purposes, high temperatures and insufficient vaporization may lead to additional chemical reactions.

This means that substances inhaled during vaping may not be the same as those originally in the liquid.

Through their research, the team of scientists aimed to demonstrate how these mentioned substances can worsen lung function. They hope their findings will inform the regulation of vaping products to protect public health.

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