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New rules for Euro 2024: Some may seem very strange

New rules for Euro 2024: Some may seem very strange The Germans introduced new rules for Euro 2024 (photo:

Euro 2024 has already begun. However, not everyone is aware of the surprises UEFA has prepared for players and fans.

RBC-Ukraine reports on the new rules at the continental championship.

New way of watering the pitch

Following the match between Manchester United and Bournemouth in the Premier League, the governing body announced a special pitch watering system to prevent the kind of confusion that occurred on English fields.

In April's clash between the two teams, ground staff flooded the pitch before the game. Fans were not indifferent to this incident, dubbing the match "a draw held in a swimming pool."

To avoid such issues at continental tournaments, UEFA has announced new rules regarding pitch watering.

New rules for Euro 2024: Some may seem very strangePhoto: "Olympiastadion" (

How German lawns will be watered:

  • Watering must be completed one hour before the start of the game.
  • The field must be watered evenly, not just in specific areas.
  • The hosting association must announce the field watering schedule at the pre-match organizational meetings.
  • Additional watering of the field may be conducted, if agreed upon by the host association during qualifying matches and by UEFA during the final tournament, provided it occurs: from 15 to 10 minutes before the start of the tournament or during a break (maximum of five minutes).

Ban on fruits

Another unusual decision by German organizers is the ban on consuming fruits during matches.

Instead, hosts suggest buying sausages at kiosks within the stadium area for nearly 5 euros. Additionally, the traditional German dish will be more expensive in the final, costing 5.64 euros.

The ban also extends to liquids—beverages, fuel for electronic and regular cigarettes, as well as any type of food products, including fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges, etc.

New rules for Euro 2024: Some may seem very strangePhoto: fans will not be allowed to bring fruit into the stadium (

Before each match, every fan will be checked by a team of police officers, and the stadium premises will also be patrolled by officers and stewards.

German authorities will not only confiscate prohibited items from anyone attempting to bring them into the match but also revoke their right to enter the stadium. Therefore, for such fans, the match will be over even before the kickoff.

New rules for referee communication

UEFA's Director of Refereeing, Roberto Rosetti, wrote an open letter ahead of Euro 2024 discussing the establishment of specific rules for player-referee communication during matches.

During one game, a referee may make 200-250 decisions under tremendous pressure. Rosetti aims for referees to freely make decisions that may not please everyone but are required to justify them.

The Director of Refereeing explains that justifying decisions on the field is very difficult when surrounded by 22 players and a crowd "pressuring" you from all sides. Therefore, the committee has decided that referee decisions can be discussed on the field, but only involving the referee and the team captain.

Any player who ignores their captain and violates this rule will receive a yellow card. If the goalkeeper is the captain and an incident occurs on the opposite side of the field, the team must designate one player to assume the role of field captain.

New rules for Euro 2024: Some may seem very strange

Now only team captains will be able to communicate with referees at Euro matches (screenshot from video).

Sources: The Sun and UEFA.