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Never do these things for man, even if you love him deeply

Never do these things for man, even if you love him deeply Women should never do these things for a man (photo:
Author: Daryna Vialko

Love for another person is a wonderful feeling that inspires you. However, you shouldn't forget about yourself and make sacrifices or changes in your life that can make you unhappy, says Ukrainian psychologist Marina Karasiova.

Make radical changes in your appearance

If you want to lose weight, you should make this decision for yourself and your health, not just for your man. It is important to stay in shape, be active,and take care of yourself, but you should not radically change your appearance to satisfy someone. If a man loves you, he will appreciate and respect you for who you are.

Lose touch with friends

Friends are an important part of anyone's life, and you shouldn't give up communicating with them just because you have a partner. A good partner will understand your need for social interaction and support your contacts with them.

Abandon your values

Don't abandon your values and beliefs to please your partner. Strong and healthy relationships should be built on shared values and mutual respect for each other's differences.

Sacrifice your independence

Avoid becoming too dependent on your partner - it usually doesn't lead to anything good. Maintaining your personality, interests, and financial security is crucial.

Lower your standards

Your standards are your personal rules for healthy relationships. Stick to what's important to you, and you will find someone who will appreciate and respect your standards.

Neglect your well-being

Your physical and emotional well-being should be your top priority. Don't tolerate mistreatment or neglect your health and happiness for the sake of another person and the relationship. A good partner will support your well-being, and it will be important to him too.

Tolerate disrespect and insults

Never tolerate disrespect or insults from your partner, even if you love him very much. Love cannot justify mistreatment. If you are in an unhealthy relationship and you cannot end it, seek help.

Suppress your opinion

You should not suppress your views or opinions to avoid conflicts. Healthy communication in relationships means sharing your perspectives, even if you disagree, and your views differ from those of your partner.

Give up your career

Your education and career are essential for your personal growth and financial independence. Don't give them up for your partner. A supportive partner will be interested in your professional development.

Give up financial independence

Maintain control over your finances and don't rely solely on a man's financial support. Life circumstances can vary, and sometimes they can be entirely unpredictable. Financial independence ensures security and freedom in relationships.

Neglect your hobbies and interests

Don't abandon your hobbies and interests for the sake of a man. Maintain what makes you happy. These activities are part of who you are and can bring important balance to your life.