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Must-watch miniseries: Short, thrilling, and memorable

Must-watch miniseries: Short, thrilling, and memorable Collage by RBC-Ukraine

Thanks to their compact format, events unfold quickly and without unnecessary details, making the viewing experience dynamic and impressive.

RBC-Ukraine has compiled a selection of excellent miniseries for your unforgettable weekend.

When They See Us

This is a compelling 4-episode miniseries based on events that took place in 1989. The plot tells the story of five young men from Harlem, African Americans and Latinos, who were unfairly accused and convicted of the brutal rape of a white woman in Central Park, New York. The series explores themes of racism and prejudice.

The Dropout

This series consists of 8 episodes and is based on the true story of Elizabeth Holmes, the head of the company "Theranos." The series tells the story of the rise and fall of a revolutionary blood-testing firm that promised to change the world of medicine.

A young and ambitious woman managed to attract billions of dollars in investments from venture capitalists and prominent figures, but it was all built on deceit. "The Dropout" explores themes of ambition, deception, and the lust for power.


"Hollywood" is a seven-episode miniseries created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan that tells the story of the dark side of the glamorous world of Hollywood in the 1940s.

The plot revolves around a group of ambitious actors, directors, and screenwriters who strive for success in the film industry. However, their dreams are confronted with the harsh reality of sexism, racism, homophobia, and ruthless competition.

Inside Man

Although this series has only four episodes, the story created by the legendary Steven Moffat will make you live through each one intensely. The plot centers around three seemingly unrelated people.

Among them are an American prisoner on death row with a remarkable ability to solve crimes, an English journalist investigating her husband's disappearance, and a vicar of a small town who harbors a dark secret.

The fates of the three intertwine as they encounter a mysterious crime that challenges their perceptions of reality.


This 8-episode series is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. At the center of the plot is a high school English teacher who discovers a portal leading to 1960.

With the help of his friend, he decided to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which took place on November 22, 1963. The teacher moves to Dallas, Texas, where he meets a young woman who becomes his ally in this dangerous mission.

Mrs. Wilson

A three-episode miniseries based on the true story of Alison Wilson, the wife of British spy Alec Wilson. Interestingly, the main role is brilliantly played by Ruth Wilson, the real-life granddaughter of the main character. The plot unfolds in the 1960s when Alison, a happy housewife, learns about her husband's sudden death.

Soon, she faces a shocking truth: Alec was not who she thought he was. It turns out he led a double life, working as a spy for British intelligence. Overcome with grief and confusion, Alison decides to uncover the secrets of her husband's life.

Black Bird

A 6-episode miniseries based on the autobiographical novel by James Keene. The events take place in the 1990s and tell the story of a young man who ends up in prison for drug dealing.

Jimmy is sentenced to ten years, but he receives an unexpected offer: he will be released if he obtains a confession from Larry Hall, a suspected serial killer. Jimmy agrees to this dangerous deal and infiltrates Larry's world to gain his trust.

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