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Must-have survival guide to face cold season

Must-have survival guide to face cold season How to prepare for cold and flu season (photo:

We're in the midst of the cold season, and the risk of catching SARS or the flu is at its peak. No one is exempt from a common cold these days. Before illness strikes you or your family, it's crucial to get ready for this challenging period - WebMD shares some insights.

Stock up on consumables

Get ready for the onset of the cold season by ensuring you have a supply of tissues, hand soap, disinfectants, paper towels, and handkerchiefs. Keep extra masks and disposable gloves on hand in the house. Consider diversions for children like puzzles, coloring books, and movies.

Check your first aid kit

Ensure it includes pain relievers, antipyretics, throat lozenges, and nasal rinses—essentials for combating viruses or the flu. Verify correct dosages based on age and weight, and check for any duplicated medications. Have a working thermometer on hand.

Be strict about hand washing

Combat the spread of colds and flu by insisting all family members thoroughly wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds—especially after coming from outside, before eating, and after using the toilet.

Plan your sick days

Anticipate the possibility of needing time off due to illness or caring for sick children. Understand your workplace policy regarding sick days and whether they are paid or unpaid.

Build support

Enlist the support of family members, friends, and neighbors to assist with childcare and other responsibilities if illness strikes.


Focus on frequently touched surfaces—doorknobs, remote controls, and phones—by using disinfectant once a day.

Switch to paper products

Consider using paper towels in the bathroom, paper cups, and disposable items when illness is present to minimize the risk of spreading germs.

Fill the fridge and pantry

Stock up on easy-to-prepare foods, ensuring you have a convenient supply in case of illness. Keep favorite drinks and snacks easily accessible.


Prioritize sleep for recovery and illness prevention. Ensure children get adequate rest by putting them to bed on time.


Consider getting vaccinated against the flu for yourself and your children if possible. While it doesn't guarantee immunity, it can help minimize the impact and duration of illness.

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