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Most unreliable and untrustworthy zodiac signs

Most unreliable and untrustworthy zodiac signs Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Representatives of certain zodiac signs may often give false hopes and empty promises more frequently than others. They are not always ready for relationships or anything serious, so they avoid responsibility and are quite unreliable, according to Collective World.


Geminis love new acquaintances and socializing. However, when they realize they're bored, they just easily cut off ties without any excuses.

They quickly get tired of relationships and don't want to burden themselves with anything. So, relying on Geminis and believing all their promises is definitely not advisable.


Representatives of this sign highly value their independence. And if someone encroaches on the freedom of Sagittarians, they are ready to flee and never come back. Sometimes it's difficult for them to build long-term relationships and it's much easier for them to give empty promises.

But if a Sagittarius truly falls in love and gets serious, you can expect sincerity, care, and attention. Representatives of this zodiac sign are not afraid of their emotions and show them to those they truly value.


Often people think Aquarians are cold and seemingly detached. But they just don't like to make plans or think about anything serious. Therefore, representatives of this zodiac sign love flirting and short-term romances, and their interest quickly fades.

But if you manage to capture the heart of an unreliable Aquarius, you'll be pleasantly surprised, as these people can be serious and dedicate all their free time to those they truly love.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are often called hopeless romantics. They are very emotional and often say too many nice words. But relying on Pisces 100% is definitely not recommended.

They speak straightforwardly about everything, but sometimes it's easier for them to build castles out of sand. However, if Pisces truly want a relationship, it's hard not to understand it.