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Most popular countries among travelers: Europe tops tourist destinations

Most popular countries among travelers: Europe tops tourist destinations Photo: France is the leader among the most visited countries by tourists (

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has tracked which countries spend the most on the tourism industry, earn the most from tourism, and which destinations in the world have become the most visited and popular, reports Euronews Travel.

Germany, Italy, UK: Citizens that spent most on tourism

German, British, and Italian tourists spend the most money on travel, according to the UNWTO. European countries lead the ranking in several categories.

Chinese tourists spent the most: the total amount in 2023 reached about 183 billion euros. Having opened the borders for international travel after the COVID pandemic, Chinese tourists outspent Americans, who paid 114 billion euros last year. A year earlier, tourists from the United States took first place.

The Germans were third, spending 104 billion euros, while the British took fourth place with 102 billion euros. Canada, Italy, India, Russia, and South Korea round out the list of countries that spent the most on tourism in 2023, with Italy jumping from 10th to seventh place.

Most popular countries among travelers: Europe tops tourist destinations

Photo: Germany is among the countries whose travelers spend the most on tourism (

Which countries earn the most from tourism

In terms of tourism revenues, the United States leads the ranking. The country earned 164 billion euros in 2023. The United States is followed by Spain, which earned 86 billion euros, the United Kingdom with 69 billion euros, France with 64 billion euros, and Italy with 52 billion euros.

The United Arab Emirates, Türkiye, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Macau (China), India, and Mexico round out the list.

Which countries are most often visited by tourists

Two European countries ranked first in terms of the number of foreign travelers. France has once again become the most visited country in the world, with 100 million foreign tourists visiting it last year.

These figures are expected also in 2024, as the Olympic Games in Paris will take place in July-August, and will attract many travelers. Spain took second place with 85 million visitors.

Most popular countries among travelers: Europe tops tourist destinations

Photo: China has become one of the countries where travelers go most often (

In total, seven of the 10 most visited places were in Europe. Italy, Germany, and Austria round out the list of the most visited countries. This makes Europe one of the most popular regions. Europe attracts the largest number of foreign visitors worldwide.

China has also been a very popular destination for many years, but the number of visitors to the country has plummeted since strict entry requirements were introduced during COVID-19. They fell from 65.7 million in 2019 to only 35.5 million in 2023.