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Moscow airports halt operations due to drones attack

Moscow airports halt operations due to drones attack On December 19, the Carpet plan was announced at Moscow airports (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Carpet plan is announced at Moscow's Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and Zhukovsky airports. The Russians claim that air defense systems are working, according to Russian propaganda media.

It should be noted that the Carpet plan is announced if there is a threat of aircraft strikes or if the Russian border is crossed.

According to Russian Telegram channels, the planes are currently being redirected to another airport, Sheremetyevo.

Several departing and arriving flights have already been delayed.

Moscow airports halt operations due to drones attack

Photo: December 19, Moscow airports announced the Carpet plan (

Updated at 11:55 a.m. Moscow mayor claims to have "repelled a drone attack"

According to Sergei Sobyanin, the so-called air defense forces in the Odintsovo urban district allegedly "repelled a drone attack."

Traditionally, the Russians report no "damage or casualties".

Drone attacks in Russia

The Russian Ministry of Defense has already announced three times this morning about so-called UAV attacks. And all the drones were allegedly shot down in the Bryansk region.

Moscow region is also repeatedly under attack.

For example, recently, drones hit military facilities in Moscow and Kaluga regions. According to RBC-Ukraine's sources, the attack was the result of the successful work of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.