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Monica Bellucci mesmerizes in elegant black dress

Monica Bellucci mesmerizes in elegant black dress Monica Bellucci showed how to wear a black dress at the age of 59 (photo: Getty images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Monica Bellucci knows how to pleasantly surprise the audience and is still considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. And it is she who demonstrates that age is not an obstacle to beauty. The Daily Mail tells about the occasion on which Monica wore a black dress.

Monica Bellucci shows how to wear a "little black dress" at 59

The Italian actress and model is considered one of the most famous models and sex symbols in the world, as well as the most beautiful woman to whom most look up to.

She is an example of how a woman can take care of herself despite her age. After all, it's just a number, the main thing is how you feel.

The other day, Bellucci appeared on the Italian TV show Che Tempo Che Fa in a stunning outfit. It would seem that there is nothing special in Monica's image: a simple black midi-length dress and high suede boots from the Louboutin brand.

The woman complemented her look with accessories and chose rings that completed her elegant bow. The actress was not particularly worried about her hairstyle, she just carefully laid her hair, leaving it straight.

Monica Bellucci mesmerizes in elegant black dressMonica Bellucci shows off her perfect figure in a black dress (photo: Getty images)

It is worth saying that Bellucci in her years can show off a slender figure and an incredibly well-groomed appearance. It is even difficult to say that she is really 59 years old. In the same show, the actress was presented with a bouquet of red roses, which complemented her image in black tones and added femininity and sophistication. However, flowers are not part of the actress' bow.

During the broadcast, the woman noted that she wants to age naturally and is not "obsessed" with maintaining her figure in her years. And she also added that at 50 or 60, you don't have the same care needs as when you were 20.

The model also added that she does not limit herself in wine, or pasta products, and does not torture herself with diets. However, from time to time doing Pilates. Here are all the secrets of Bellucci's beauty.