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Mobilization of Ukrainian women under 60: Russian fake

Mobilization of Ukrainian women under 60: Russian fake Russia has launched another anti-Ukrainian fake (Photo: Getty Images)

On December 4, Russian propagandists spread fake information about the alleged mobilization of all Ukrainian women under the age of 60, according to the Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security.

The analysts observed that Russian Telegram channels, along with an Extraordinary News story, disseminated information that Ukrainian TV was readying Ukrainian women for a "complete round-up" at military registration offices. Supposedly, all women under 60 years old are required to register for military service, comprising managers, cashiers, lawyers, librarians, and journalists.

The account about Ukrainian women registering for military service is factual. "It was announced on ICTV in December 2021 that the Ministry of Defense had approved a list of professions, requiring representatives between the ages of 18 and 60 to register for military service," according to the statement.

The Center for Strategic Communications noted that registration for women was postponed, and currently only medical personnel are obligated to register. Women of all other professions may voluntarily register with the Territorial Center for recruitment and social support.

The Kremlin's most notorious misinformation in recent history

The Ministry of Defense recently reported a fake Telegram account created by fraudsters for Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov.

False information regarding the supposed mobilization of numerous pregnant women to join the Armed Forces is also circulating online.

Meta eliminated a network of fake accounts based in China that posted contentious content supporting Ukraine.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officers have not found any evidence of firearms being smuggled from Ukraine to European countries. Therefore, the National Police disproved the Russian propagandists' reports about the supposed export of weapons from Ukraine to partner countries.