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Mirror date of May 24, 2024: How to make wish come true

Mirror date of May 24, 2024: How to make wish come true RBC-Ukraine collage
Author: Maria Kholina

May 24 will be a new mirror date, a moment of perfect symmetry associated with new opportunities, pivotal life moments, and a time when our wishes may come true. This date is considered auspicious for symbolic rituals aimed at bringing happiness and prosperity.

How to make wishes on 24.05.2024

Write down your wish

Make up a short but clear wish you want to come true. Stand in front of a mirror on this day and read the wish out loud while looking into your eyes, as though it is already happening.

Use rituals

It's important to feel inspired at such moments. You can use candles, incense, meditation, or any other rituals you prefer. These can help you focus and strengthen your intention.

Think positively

Think about your wish in a positive light. Instead of saying, "I don't want to be lonely," say, "I wish to find true love." Positive phrasing helps you focus on a positive outcome.


Smiling is a powerful emotional catalyst. Smile while making your wish, smile. Believe that it is already coming true and feel this moment of joy.

Be grateful

Reflect on all your gifts and positive aspects of life. Feel gratitude for everything you already have. This will create positive energy that can help your wish come true.

Making wishes is fun, but it’s also important to remember that every moment in life holds value. Enjoy the process and believe in opportunities you have!