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Member of European Parliament searched in Brussels on Russian propaganda suspicion

Member of European Parliament searched in Brussels on Russian propaganda suspicion Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Belgian investigators have searched the home and office of an assistant to a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), who played a significant role in disseminating Russian propaganda ahead of the European Parliament elections, citing Reuters.

Investigators searched the assistant’s home in Brussels, as well as his office in the European Parliament, according to federal prosecutors. Meanwhile, French judicial authorities searched his office in Strasbourg.

Prosecutors stated that the searches were part of an investigation into possible Russian interference, during which Members of the European Parliament were approached and paid to promote Russian propaganda through the news site Voice of Europe.

"There are indications that the European Parliament employee concerned played a significant role in this," the prosecution statement said.

Prosecutors did not name the staff member or the MEP he worked for.

Voters in the 27 EU countries will go to the polls to elect 720 MEPs from June 6-9. Observers say voters are likely to be inundated with lies and disinformation.

Previously, the European Union imposed sanctions on the Czech-registered Voice of Europe and associated former Ukrainian MP Viktor Medvedchuk and businessman Artem Marchevskyi. The EU Council said that Voice of Europe and its social media accounts actively spread disinformation about Ukraine and promoted pro-Kremlin false narratives.

According to Czech intelligence, Medvedchuk funded the Voice of Europe media platform.