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Mastering wrinkle reduction: Essential ingredients for radiant skin

Mastering wrinkle reduction: Essential ingredients for radiant skin Photo: Ways to hide wrinkles (

Using the right creams and serums can reduce wrinkles as you age. While some ingredients can smooth and soothe your skin, giving it a more youthful appearance, others may actually worsen the appearance of fine lines.

The best ingredients for anti-wrinkle skin care are in the article below.

Eight best skin care ingredients for wrinkles


Dr. Bart Kachniarz, MD, a plastic surgeon from Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University, recommends the most popular anti-aging skin care ingredient: retinol, a retinoid.

"This vitamin A derivative accelerates collagen production and cell turnover, smoothing the skin and reducing wrinkles. Start with a low concentration and gradually increase if your skin doesn't react with allergy. Retinol can cause dryness, peeling, and redness, so moisturize and use sunscreen after applying," he said.

Vitamin C

Kachniarz also emphasizes including vitamin C in your daily skincare routine.

"This antioxidant protects the skin from sun damage and free radicals while promoting collagen production. It's available in serums, lotions, and creams and is generally safe for all skin types, although it may cause stinging or irritation in some," he noted.

Products with antioxidants like vitamin C help prevent free radical damage to collagen on your face, leading to skin laxity.

Hyaluronic acid

Another ingredient that helps hide wrinkles is hyaluronic acid, says Kachniarz.

It's also widely used as a local moisturizing ingredient in anti-aging skin care.

"This moisturizer attracts moisture to the skin, smoothes it, and reduces wrinkles. Available in serums, lotions, and creams, it is gentle for most skin types," the doctor said.


Choosing skin care products containing niacinamide can also bring significant benefits to the beauty of your skin.

Niacinamide is one of the ingredients in many anti-aging skin care products that brighten the skin, prevent signs of aging, and treat conditions such as eczema or acne.


Peptides are another ideal ingredient for repairing age-related skin damage.

"These short amino acid chains help create collagen and elastin, improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles," said Kachniarz.

In fact, according to a 2020 study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, you can see results in a record short time. The study assessed the benefits of peptides against wrinkles by analyzing skin changes in 22 healthy Asian female volunteers over 40. As a result, significant smoothing of skin wrinkles was observed in all five areas within two weeks.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)

They are another useful addition to your anti-aging skin care regimen.

"These chemical exfoliants remove dead skin cells, making the skin smoother and younger," Kachniarz said.

However, they can cause dryness, peeling, and redness, so it's important to moisturize and use sunscreen after using them.

Beta hydroxy acids (BHAs)

It is equally effective in removing dead skin cells from pores, preventing breakouts, and reducing wrinkles.

Products containing BHA are particularly beneficial for people with oily skin. They help reduce sebum production and skin oil accumulation, reducing the likelihood of acne.


Cosmetologists recommend using nourishing oil as the last step in your skin care regimen. This can lock in other products you have used and prevent moisture loss.

Specifically, they recommend squalane oil.

Squalane is an ingredient known for mimicking natural skin oils, making it ideal for application to any skin type.

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