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Mass layoffs threatened for owners of Ukrainian passports in the occupied territories

Mass layoffs threatened for owners of Ukrainian passports in the occupied territories Owners of Ukrainian passports in the occupied territories are threatened with layoffs (photo: Getty Images)

The policy of forced passportization of the population in the occupied territories is an ongoing issue. Currently, local residents with Ukrainian passports are facing the threat of mass dismissals, according to the National Resistance Center.

They reported that the Russian government has adopted a resolution regarding the permissible share of foreign workers in enterprises, which envisages significant limitations on job positions from 2024.

"In the parallel reality of the occupiers, the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) are considered part of the Russian Federation, and Ukrainians who have refused to take the enemy's passport are regarded as 'foreign workers.' Thus, this resolution is primarily aimed at TOT and implies the dismissal of Ukrainians," as stated by the Center for National Resistance.

They also added that in this way, the enemy plans to increase the pace of passportization or make Ukrainians dependent on payments from the occupying administrations.

Coercive Russian passportization in Ukraine's occupied territories

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the occupiers set several objectives for the seized territories, including the deportation of Ukrainians, especially children, the looting of Ukrainian grain, and the forced passportization of the population.

Recall that earlier, in the temporarily occupied territories (TOT), the occupiers introduced a rule that requires adolescents who turn 14 to obtain Russian passports in order to participate in sports activities. Furthermore, recently, senior students without Russian passports were temporarily excluded from classes.

It has also been reported that from 2024, the occupiers plan to provide medical services to Ukrainians in hospitals on the temporarily occupied territories who do not have health insurance as foreigners. In other words, Ukrainians will be deprived of the ability to receive medical services except for emergency assistance.