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Marketing tricks: True amount of toothpaste needed for teeth cleaning

Marketing tricks: True amount of toothpaste needed for teeth cleaning Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Toothpaste is an essential item for everyone to maintain dental health and cleanliness. But did you know that one tube of toothpaste should last an entire year?

How much toothpaste is actually needed for teeth cleaning? Read more about it in the RBC-Ukraine's material below.

The article includes information from the Nanodent website and other sources.

The trickery of marketers Many of us squeeze the maximum amount of toothpaste onto our toothbrushes because we've seen this trick in advertisements multiple times. However, this is entirely incorrect. It's a tactic devised by marketers to compel people to buy more toothpaste.

The main purpose of toothpaste is to facilitate the mechanical cleaning of tooth surfaces by the brush. It's meant to soften the bristles of the brush, reduce abrasiveness, and loosen dental plaque. Excessive toothpaste diminishes the effectiveness of the toothbrush.

Every dentist will tell you that the amount of toothpaste on the brush should be the size of a pea.

To stop falling victim to advertising and abandon the habit of squeezing toothpaste along the length of the brush, simply squeeze the paste across the brush.

Moreover, some dentists and hygienists even recommend initially brushing without toothpaste. Once your teeth are clean, brush them again with toothpaste.

This aids fluoride and other minerals in working more effectively and can significantly reduce the amount of dental plaque or tartar that typically accumulates between dental appointments.

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