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Lower cholesterol and boost health: Everyday foods to enjoy

Lower cholesterol and boost health: Everyday foods to enjoy What foods are good for the heart (illustration:

A high level of cholesterol leads to serious problems, so people who care about their health should know which products will save them from this "enemy."

What to eat to lower cholesterol is explained by Eat This Not That.

Dangers of high cholesterol

When there is too much of the fatty substance necessary for the body's functioning in the blood, the risks of diseases such as stroke, ischemic heart disease, and atherosclerosis increase.

High cholesterol levels are caused by:

  • poor diet
  • sedentary lifestyle: lack of physical activity
  • genetics and certain diseases
  • age
  • smoking.

Lower cholesterol and boost health: Everyday foods to enjoy

What to eat to lower cholesterol (illustration:

Foods that can help lower cholesterol

There are foods that are not only delicious but also naturally help control cholesterol levels.

These include:

  • legumes - the fiber in them plays a crucial role in combating cholesterol;
  • mushrooms - they contain chitin, which is beneficial for health;
  • macadamia nuts - they are a source of antioxidants, dietary fiber, and phytosterols;
  • prunes - they fight inflammation and lower cholesterol levels;
  • oats - thanks to beneficial compounds, they improve digestion;
  • avocado - it not only fights "bad" cholesterol but also helps with weight loss;
  • garlic - contains allicin, which improves heart function;
  • bamboo shoots - beneficial not only for fighting cholesterol but also for cardiovascular health;
  • margarine with phytosterols - a healthy alternative to regular butter;
  • fatty fish - lowers cholesterol levels due to Omega-3;
  • barley - this grain is a source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals;
  • apples - contain plant fiber;
  • blueberries - they protect against cholesterol due to high levels of soluble fiber and antioxidants.

It is worth noting that not all products may be beneficial for everyone. Consider individual needs and remember to consult with a doctor before making any dietary changes.

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