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Lose weight with this coffee additive

Lose weight with this coffee additive How to make coffee useful (photo:

A new, yet actually old, method of drinking coffee is gaining popularity worldwide. Thanks to this "hack," you'll start losing weight and be able to improve your health. It turns out, you need to add cream butter to your coffee, according to the Daily Express.

Why adding butter to coffee helps with weight loss

This practice is not new; it has been around for hundreds of years. Adding butter to coffee first started in Ethiopia, Tibet, Singapore, and other countries. Nowadays, fitness trainers have taken notice of this "hack" because this drink has several advantages, including:

  • high energy levels - caffeine and fats from cream butter keep the body from "crashing" from fatigue to alertness, stabilizing energy levels moderately high;
  • reduced hunger - coffee with butter provides satiety and allows individuals to refrain from snacking, which positively affects those looking to lose weight;
  • essential vitamin intake - this drink provides the body with vitamins A, E, and K2, which are very beneficial for health.

How to make butter coffee

In reality, it's not difficult at all. Simply take one tablespoon of unsalted, high-quality cream butter and add it to a cup of black filter coffee.

You can also make a froth. Take a milk frother and froth the drink. You can skip adding milk since melted butter will also provide an interesting texture and froth.

Of course, before consuming such a beverage, you should consult with a doctor. Also, consider individual characteristics and avoid risks if you don't drink coffee due to health issues.

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