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Little things to easily ruin person's day

Little things to easily ruin person's day Here are some events that can ruin a person's mood (photo: Freepik)

Some everyday nuisances can easily ruin a person's day. Simple daily events can worsen mood and lead to stress, according to HuffPost.

Traffic jams

Therapist Emma Mahony explained that traffic, especially in the morning, can greatly affect a person's mood.

Traffic jams are a common problem for people. To avoid focusing on the problem, it is worth using this time wisely, for example, listening to audiobooks or music.


When it rains, people can feel depressed. Even things like a temperature change outside can affect mood.

Also, with the weather, there are seasonal changes, such as switching to daylight saving time. When days become shorter or longer, it is stressful for the body.


Clothes that are too tight and show sweat stains almost instantly can ruin your mood. They can make any outfit, even the most elegant one, look sloppy.

Also, seeing extra kilograms on the scales is not very pleasant. This often becomes a reason for a change in mood for the whole day.

No matter how carefully we try to walk, runs or even tears appear on tights or stockings. Therefore, this can easily become a reason for a bad mood.

Alarm clock

From time to time, you need to change the alarm clock melody. This is because often the same melody will worsen your mood as soon as you hear it.

Also, from childhood, we practice the mechanism of five more minutes, and I'll get up for sure. However, by postponing the alarm clock over and over again, we risk not only oversleeping important matters but also harming our health.

Falling asleep after the alarm clock rings, we break our full sleep into several fragments. Thus, with each ring, cortisol enters the blood, and the body experiences stress. As a result, a person wakes up even more tired.

Anticipation of an event

The feeling of anticipation before a meeting you are afraid of or a conversation you don't want to have can also ruin your day.

In such situations, people surround themselves with negative thoughts. Therefore, the day will be guaranteed to be ruined.

To cheer you up for the whole day, a morning shower can help. But not a warm one, but a contrasting one. The alternating change in temperature will make you and your body wake up faster.