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Lithuania urges stronger military alliance with Poland amid Russian threat

Lithuania urges stronger military alliance with Poland amid Russian threat Photo: Gabrielius Landsbergis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania (Getty Images)

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabrielius Landsbergis states, that Lithuania needs to substantially enhance its military alliance with Poland in response to the increasing threat from the Russian Federation. "Worst-case scenarios" should be considered, reports TVP World.

“The time has come to conclude (Lithuanian-Polish) strategic projects in the field of communication (infrastructure projects) and significantly strengthen military cooperation. Both countries are jointly responsible for one of the most sensitive points in NATO — the Suwałki Gap,” noted Landsbergis, while presenting a 10-point plan to prepare for the growing military threat from Russia.

The minister emphasized the importance of strengthening regional partnerships with Northern European and Baltic States as part of the new security strategy. He also stressed the need “learn from Ukraine every day, not only from a distance but also by being there.”

Landsbergis highlighted "the United States of America has been and must remain the main pillar of NATO and Lithuania’s security," while Germany, with its deployment of a brigade of 5,000 soldiers in Lithuania, "is becoming a European strategic pillar of security."

Regarding defense spending, the minister advocated for allocating 4% of GDP, but the proposed budget for the next year falls short at 2.71%. Experts suggest that this figure should be at least 3%.

He underscored the necessity for Vilnius to move beyond the “pleasant stagnation of peace” and actively fortify its defense capabilities.

Aid to Ukraine from Lithuania

Lithuania, as one of Ukraine's allies, has been providing substantial support to our country, including weapons, military equipment, and training for the Ukrainian military throughout the full-scale terrorist invasion.

On November 22, transferred new military aid package to Ukraine, including 3 million units of ammunition, remote detonation systems, and two launchers for the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile complex.