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Lithuania to provide Ukraine with equipment to restore energy infrastructure

Lithuania to provide Ukraine with equipment to restore energy infrastructure Minister of Energy of Lithuania Dainius Kreivys (
Author: Maria Kholina

Lithuania pledges support to Ukraine in restoring energy infrastructure. Equipment from the inactive Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP), as well as portions from the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) and energy companies' warehouses, will be transferred, according to Lithuanian Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys.

According to him, a large power transformer will also be sent to Ukraine.

Vilnius CHP-3 has been out of operation since 2016, but it doesn't mean the station is idle. Preventive maintenance is ongoing, and the stations undergo regular testing. Lithuania intends to transfer them to Ukraine.

"We will provide them with everything they need. In Kharkiv, 80% of all networks, both thermal and electric, have been destroyed. If we don't help, Ukrainians won't be able to restore the network and heating sector before winter, which will be very, very difficult," Kreivys said.

The minister mentioned that some equipment will be dismantled for spare parts, while others can be used directly.

He said that it's not only the third CHP that will be emptied. Part of the equipment will be sent to Ukraine from the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, Ignitis warehouses, ESO, and Litgrid.

According to the minister, such support will not affect Lithuania's situation if the "day X" comes.

"We are installing drone defense systems, hydrolocators on the seabed, and closely monitoring this physical defense. But in addition to this, companies are required to stockpile about 20% of all necessary equipment. The main components. This is probably the answer to this question. We are planning how the system should work in case of aggression, if any of our devices malfunction," Kreivys said.

Combined Russian air attack on Ukraine

On the evening of April 10, Russians once again launched a massive drone attack on Ukraine. Drones targeted southern, central, and western regions. In addition, on the morning of April 11, the aggressor country launched rockets at Ukraine.

At least nine explosions were heard in Kharkiv and the region, with power outages reported.

Moreover, the Russians deployed MiG-31K fighters, which launched aeroballistic Kinzhal missiles onto the Lviv region, as well as cruise missiles which were launched from Tu-95.

Russians also targeted critical energy infrastructure objects in four regions.